Dental Bridges

Leawood KS Dental Bridges

Gordon Dental of Leawood provides a full range of restorative and cosmetic dental services here in Johnson County, KS, including dental bridges. We are a comprehensive dental practice with an entire team devoted to restoring and enhancing the appearance of your smile. Our practice utilizes the latest and most advanced technology to perform state-of-the-art procedures. Dental bridges are fixed appliances that serve as a replacement for missing teeth. Porcelain bridges are ideal for tooth replacement because they can be customized to look like the natural teeth within your mouth.

Dental bridges are constructed of two crowns that are attached to the teeth on either side of the gap where the tooth, or teeth, is missing. The replacement tooth is placed in the middle of the crowns to fill the empty space. At Gordon Dental of Leawood we are proud to be a dental practice that offers on-site fabrication of dental bridges and other restorative dental work. Dr. Philip J. Gordon, DDS, leads Gordon Dental of Leawood with excellent cosmetic and restorative dental services in order to help patients restore the beauty of their smile while also maintaining the integrity of their mouth.

When teeth are missing from the mouth, the jaw bone will begin to deteriorate over time. Dental bridges can help stabilize the bone by putting a level of support in the empty space. Having a dental bridge customized for your mouth reduces the risk of future damage and complications inside the mouth. This cosmetic option is a great solution for patients who need or want to cosmetically improve the appearance of their smile. Here in Johnson County, KS, Gordon Dental of Leawood is proud to be a trusted source for this important dental service. Contact us today to begin your journey to a complete smile.