Leawood KS Dentures

Missing teeth can have a negative affect on many different aspects of your life. Empty spaces in the mouth can affect the way that you speak, your ability to chew, compromise the health and integrity of your entire mouth, and can also have a negative impact on how others view you. At Gordon Dental of Leawood, we are proud to provide denture services to those who have missing teeth. Dentures are a great restorative dentistry treatment for restoring a smile so that it is complete and beautiful.

When teeth are missing from the mouth, the empty spaces that are left behind can cause the surrounding bone to weaken. This will compromise the integrity of the mouth and can cause a whole host of other negative issues to occur. Dentures are used not only to restore the beauty of your smile, but to also reestablish the health of your mouth. You do not have to settle for an incomplete smile, and you should never compromise on the health of your remaining teeth. You can trust Gordon Dental of Leawood as the quality source for dentures here in Johnson County.

Full & Complete Dentures

Having an entire mouthful of teeth replaced with dentures is a very important decision. Gordon Dental of Leawood is proud to offer exceptional care and service for tooth replacement, including full and complete dentures. Dentures are a restorative dental service that offer stability in the mouth and a beautiful appearance that will last for years. Dr. Gordon takes the time to meet with patients to thoroughly review the entire process of receiving full and complete dentures. Gordon Dental of Leawood is proud to be a trusted and respected source for exceptional denture services.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used when only one or two teeth are missing from injury, decay, or extraction. Partial dentures rest on a metal framework that is attached to the natural teeth. Dental crowns are often placed on the adjacent teeth to serve as anchors for partial dentures in order to keep them securely in place. Many advancements have been made over the last decade to improve the comfort and appearance of partial dentures. Gordon Dental of Leawood is here as the reputable dental practice for exceptional partial dentures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.