Treatment for Gum Disease

Gordon Dental of Leawood offers expert treatment for gum disease to the residents of Leawood and the surrounding communities of Johnson County. We are a wide-ranging dental practice that treats patients of all ages with across-the-board general, cosmetic, restorative dental procedures. Our dentist, Dr. Philip J. Gordon, DDS, is highly experienced in treating all different types of gums disease – ranging from mild gingivitis to the most serious cases of periodontitis. Our practice offers a variety of treatments for gum disease including deep cleaning, scaling and root planing, antibiotics, and anti-microbial rinses. 

Leawood KS Gum Disease Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

If you are in need of treatment for gum disease, please contact Gordon Dental of Leawood today. The sooner you seek treatment, the better chance there is for restoration against this damaging disease.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

At Gordon Dental of Leawood, our goal is to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health for life. Gum disease is a serious dental health problem that affects a larger portion of the population than many people realize. It is a condition in which the gums are infected so severely that irreversible damage can occur to the surrounding gums, tissues, and teeth. If gum disease is not treated appropriately and within a timely manner, it will lead to irreversible damage. The three stages of gum disease are 1) gingivitis, 2) periodontitis, and 3) advanced periodontitis.

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of gum disease so that you can catch it early. Gum disease can be painless at onset, and many patients who come in for a regular cleaning are unaware that they have an issue present. Awareness of symptoms is important, and the most common and identifiable signs and symptoms are listed here:

  • Red, swollen, tender, or bleeding gums
  • Gums that recede away from the tooth
  • Stubborn bad breath or bad taste in the mouth
  • Loose teeth
  • Visible pus surrounding the teeth and gums

The most common causes for gum disease are improper daily oral care and irregular visits to the dentist. The most important thing you can do to prevent gum disease to to floss every day. Flossing helps to loosen and remove damaging, bacteria-laden plaque from the gum line so that the bacteria do not infect the gums. By incorporating flossing along with daily brushing, you are creating a healthy environment inside your mouth. Vising the dentist twice a year for dental cleanings and checkups is also imperative to your oral health so that your teeth can receive a professional cleaning on a regular basis in order to safeguard your long-term dental health.

Gordon Dental of Leawood is currently accepting new patients and we welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family. For your convenience, we accept dental insurance and offer flexible finance options. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to restoring your oral health.