Halitosis Treatment

We have all eaten a delicious tasting meal or indulged in a beverage that left our breath less than stellar. However, if bad breath has become more than just an occasion problem, it is time to seek general dentistry treatment. Halitosis is the name given to chronic bad breath, and no amount of mouthwash will easily resolve the issue.

Leawood KS Halitosis Treatment, Bad Breath Cure

Halitosis is caused by the breakdown of food inside the mouth. Stinky foods such as onions and garlic that become trapped between the teeth and are not extracted by regular flossing will begin to rot inside the mouth and cause foul-smelling breath. Smoking, certain medications that cause dry mouth, respiratory infections, acid reflux, and overall poor oral hygiene are also the most common culprits.

Gordon Dental of Leawood offers professional treatment for halitosis in order to help people treat the problem. Mouthwash and toothpaste will only mask the problem for a short term because halitosis is a serious issue that needs thorough treatment. At Gordon Dental of Leawood we want you to know that you are not alone, so please call our practice today.

Treatment for Chronic Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath can be difficult to cure unless the underlying cause is first identified. At Gordon Dental of Leawood, we will help to diagnosis the cause of your chronic bad breath in order to offer treatment that will get rid of your halitosis. A change in diet is often one of the first steps in treatment for chronic bad breath. Consuming less sugar is a first line of defense because bacteria thrive off of sugar and multiply rapidly when sugar is present in the mouth. If you smoke, it is imperative that you stop. Tobacco irritates the gum tissue, making it vulnerable to infection and worsening of bad breath. A deep cleaning of the teeth and gums is also generally necessary to clean the teeth thoroughly of plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar that have accumulated between the teeth or under the gum line are hard to reach and require professional tools and training for removal.

Dr. Philip Gordon provides expert treatment for chronic bad breath and will help you overcome this unfortunate issue. Please contact Gordon Dental of Leawood today to schedule an appointment.