Implant Dentistry

NobelProcera Crown cemented on NobelProcera Abutment

Restorative dentistry involves the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral diseases. Restorative dental treatments are used to repair teeth that are decayed, chipped, cracked, stained, or missing. Teeth that are affected by any of these developmental or injury-related issues can qualify for restorative care. Gordon Dental of Leawood is proud to provide the following available options for patients with dental restoration needs:

Dr. Philip J. Gordon, DDS, uses his professional capabilities and experience to diagnose your oral health condition during a dental exam using visual, mechanical, and radiographic techniques to analyze the condition of your teeth. Dr. Gordon will work with you to create a customized treatment plan. He will make sure to keep you well-informed throughout your entire treatment so that you will always know what to expect. Using an advanced approach and a combination of cosmetic dentistry and restorative techniques, Dr. Gordon will have you smiling again in no time!

Complete Dental Restorations

Complete dental restorations require great skill and care. Dr. Gordon works closely with all of his patients to make sure that they receive the individualized care that is needed to restore their smiles and confidence. Dr. Gordon will conduct a comprehensive dental exam, take digital X-rays, and utilize the most state-of-the-art equipment to take complete and precise pictures of the mouth. These images are used to create a precise model of your mouth in order to create a beautiful smile. With dentures and dental implants, time is a commitment for patients. For more extensive situations, several visits are necessary before the final results are achieved. However, the time and investment involved are worth the outcome!

Contact Gordon Dental of Leawood for complete dental restorations here in Johnson County, KS. The end result of restorative dentistry is a smile that has been customized and beautifully created just for you.

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