Root Canal Therapy

During root canal therapy, the nerve and pulp are removed from the center of the tooth in order to clean the tooth, treat it, and seal it from further infection. While the description of this general dentistry procedure may cause you to shiver in fear, Dr. Philip J. Gordon of Gordon Dental of Leawood is here to ensure that patients who need root canal therapy will receive a thorough and painless treatment procedure.

Leawood KS Root Canals | Gordon Dental of Leawood

It is essential that you receive prompt attention if you have an infected tooth. Putting off necessary root therapy will only worsen your symptoms and make neighboring teeth vulnerable to infection. You do not need to allow any fear or anxiety about the dentist or the procedure keep you from receiving root canal therapy. Infected teeth are painful, but root canal therapy is a painless procedure done to treat and heal the teeth. Gordon Dental of Leawood provides patients with painless root canal therapy to restore the health of the teeth before more serious dental issues occur.

Root Canals Are Not Painful - Infected Teeth Are Painful!

Infected teeth are painful – root canals are not. Many people put off having necessary dental procedures because they are afraid of the dentist and treatment. Root canals are often one of the most dreaded procedures, but they should not be. The pain that people associate with a root canal is the pain from the infected tooth, not the procedure itself. Dr. Philip Gordon wants all of his patients to understand that root canals take the pain away!

An infected tooth can cause debilitating pain that disrupts every aspect of your entire life. Gordon Dental of Leawood is here to provide our patients with effective and painless root canals. We offer local anesthesia to keep patients from feeling any discomfort, but for those with anxieties or dental phobias who need extra help with relaxation we also provide sedation. Our dedicated team is committed to providing painless root canals and the highest standard of dental care in Johnson County. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our welcoming and comfortable environment has been made with our patients' needs in mind.