Scheduling Convenience

We understand that scheduling and keeping dental appointments is easier said than done. At Gordon Dental of Leawood, we want to make receiving exceptional dental care as easy as possible for you. Our entire practice has been created with our patients in mind. We understand how busy your days are and how difficult it can be to work dental visits into a busy schedule. We offer appointments Monday-Thursday 8-5 pm and Friday 8-1 pm.

Gordon Dental of Leawood respects your time. Because we value you as our patient and are fully aware that you do not have time to waste, we are committed to staying on schedule throughout our day. You can expect for your appointment time to be kept, with little to no wait time upon your arrival. Contact our office today for your scheduling convenience. At Gordon Dental of Leawood you will always receive exceptional dental care and prompt attention.

Family Block Appointments Available

Scheduling dental visits for yourself can be difficult enough with a busy schedule to keep, and scheduling convenient appointments for all members of your family can seem almost impossible. Gordon Dental of Leawood is pleased to make family block appointments available to parents and children. During family block appointments, members of your family can been seen at the same time or at back-to-back appointment times. We go out of our way to make receiving dental care services as convenient as possible because we value your time and are committed to your family’s oral health. Contact us today to schedule family block appointments for your family.