TMJ & TMD Treatment

Gordon Dental of Leawood is proud to provide TMJ/TMD treatment as a part of our comprehensive general dentistry services. We are here in Leawood as a wide-ranging family dental practice that is committed to keeping our focus on the health and comfort of our patients. Dr. Philip J. Gordon, DDS, has the knowledge and experience needed to provide the most advanced dental treatment with the latest advancements in dental technology and equipment. Our dental practice is here to help patients who suffer from TMJ/TMD find the relief that they need.

Leawood KS TMJ Treatment, TMD, Jaw Pain Relief

TMJ/TMD can have a negative impact on the quality of your life on a daily basis. That is why Gordon Dental of Leawood offers treatment to battle the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of TMJ/TMD. We want to help you find a long-lasting solution to correct your painful condition.

Jaw Pain Relief

Jaw Pain is associated with the Temporomandibular Joint and the painful condition known as TMJ and TMD. The temporomandibular joint controls the function and operation of the jaw so that it opens and closes for eating, speaking, laughing, yawning, and doing many normal day to day functions. When the joint makes clicking sounds, is not properly aligned, is sore from grinding or clenching, or is simply in pain throughout the day – it is time to contact Gordon Dental of Leawood to achieve jaw pain relief.

Jaw pain is fairly common for dental patients, and it is relatively easy to treat and to prevent further problems associated with the jaw. If you are experiencing jaw pain, Gordon Dental of Leawood wants you to know that there is hope. Contact Gordon Dental of Leawood today to schedule a consultation with our TMJ and TMD treatment specialist. For your convenience, our dental practice accepts dental insurance plans and will work with you to receive the full benefits provided through your coverage. For those who do not have insurance we are pleased to provide flexible finance options so that you can receive the treatment that you deserve.