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It’s a good time to move to Leawood, isn’t it? Fall in Kansas is gorgeous! The temperatures begin to drop along with the dropping of the diversely colored leaves that are beginning to give our city a warm and cozy feeling. There are so many good reasons to live in or move to Leawood.

Our diverse economy, amazing entertainment and beautiful downtown are just some of the reasons why we love Leawood. Our location, which is close to the Missouri River, hosts our shaded neighborhoods and our culturally rich city. We’ve seen positive job growth as well. It’s no wonder people are moving here, and staying here as well.

At Gordon Dental of Leawood, we’re proud to live and work in this great city. Our office is conveniently located on 95th street for all of our patients. We welcome new patients to our patient-centered care for all ages. We have a luxurious office that is designed to meet all of your needs.

If you’ve just moved here, we’d invite you to book your first visit with us. During this time we will discuss the costs of all of our treatments and also help you figure out insurance and any other dental needs you may have. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions during this time. During this first appointment we will also thoroughly examine your teeth using x-rays and lasers to detect any existing problems in your mouth. We also will perform a checkup and cleaning and identify any further treatment you may need.

Whether you’ve lived in Leawood for a long time and looking for a new dentist, or you’ve just moved to our wonderful city, book your first appointment with Dr. Gordon at Gordon Dental of Leawood today!

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