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Happy fall from Gordon Dental Of Leawood. We love opportunities to celebrate. Fall hosts a variety of opportunities to have festivals. And then there’s Halloween, a time to wear costumes and have people wondering who is behind that mask. It’s all about tricking people by your clever disguise.

Gordon Dental of Leawood has a clever dental disguise for you this fall. Invisalign will trick people into thinking you have nothing on your teeth. Our secret is that you actually are aligning your teeth with clear aligner trays that no one else can see.

Invisalign clear aligner trays are virtually invisible. They are custom-fitted to your mouth and worn over your teeth to help correct any misalignment issues you may have.

Besides being clear and almost invisible, they have other benefits as well. While wearing your aligner trays you will not have to sacrifice the foods you typically enjoy. You also will be able to clean and care for your teeth optimally as you usually do. When you clean your teeth and eat, you remove the trays, eat or clean, and then you replace the trays back into your mouth. It’s easy.

With Invisalign you don’t have to make the usual sacrifices that you have to with traditional braces. Your appearance will remain intact and your regular habits that you enjoy do not have to be altered. If you’re interested in seeing if Invisalign is right for you, call our office at Gordon Dental Of Leawood and book your appointment today!

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