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The month of November is celebrated by feasting. It is also a time for cultivating your grateful hearts. The changes in the outdoors and all around us remind us to hit a reset button on our own lives as well. It’s a time to reset and begin recounting all of the things we’re grateful for.

As the temperatures drop, we often spend more time indoors. There’s a craving for the smells and tastes of familiar fall flavors. There are many foods to reach for this fall that are beneficial to your dental health and result in giving you a big grateful grin!


While you’re enjoying the carving of your pumpkins, don’t forget their benefits to your health as well. Pumpkin seeds contain magnesium, which helps you with proper bone and tooth formation and tooth enamel. They are rich in zinc. Poor dental health is often associated with a zinc deficiency. Your tongue will also stay healthy with pumpkin’s iron content.

Note: Artificial pumpkin flavorings do not contain the rich nutrients found in an actual pumpkin. Cut a real one open. Literally dig your hands in, prepare and enjoy!


The taste and smells of cinnamon are common during this time of year. Be sure to use generous portions to flavor your favorite fall foods. Cinnamon can destroy bacteria in your mouth. It also prevents inflammation, which typically happens in your gums. Add cinnamon to your tea, cereals or applesauce to give it that extra boost of flavor and health benefits.

Dr. Gordon and his entire staff would like to wish each of you a very happy Thanksgiving. We’d like to help you achieve the grateful grin you’ve been longing for. Book your appointment with us today.

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