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December is a great time to take inventory on all that you’re grateful for. The holidays provide the perfect setting for this season of gratefulness and looking back on 2017. Did you know that counting your blessings and being grateful could actually combat feelings of discouragement and negativity? If you’re feeling dentally discouraged about your teeth or anything else related to your dental care, here are three things to remember.

Gum Disease is preventable. If you feel like you’re always in a losing battle with gum disease, take heart and remember that gum disease is preventable. By maintaining your regular at-home dental care (including brushing twice a day and flossing one time per day) you are well on your way to preventing gum disease.
Your teeth can be changed. You are not locked into the teeth that you are born with. At Gordon Dental of Leawood, we offer many cosmetic dentistry services that will enhance, replace or repair your teeth.
There are methods to preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime. Root canal therapy is a proven method used to save your natural teeth. If you’ve suffered from trauma, gum disease or physical irritation from a tooth, all hope is not lost. By administering root canal therapy, Dr. Philip Gordon at Gordon Dental of Leawood can preserve your natural tooth. You can read more about root canals here.
If you’re feeling dentally discouraged due to a condition of your tooth or teeth, book your appointment with Dr. Gordon at Gordon Dental of Leawood today! And happy holidays from our entire team.

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