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Everybody loves a white winter. That fresh layer of snow when it’s first laid gives such a sense of peace and freshness. Our town of Leawood looks beautiful in the winter after it snows. The color white carries with it the sense of peace and purity.

Your teeth are white as well. Just as no one likes dirty snow, no one likes discolored teeth. For this reason, Dr. Phillip Gordon, DDS at Gordon Dental of Leawood offers composite fillings.

Composite fillings are restorative materials used to reestablish the function, integrity and morphology of your missing tooth structure. Fillings used to be made of amalgam. Amalgam has been used for the past 150 years. It consists of a mixture of metal and is silver in color.

While amalgam fillings are typically cheaper to use, but they are not a preferred option for patients who wish to maintain the color of consistent white in their teeth landscape. Therefore, the use of amalgam fillings is becoming a less popular choice.

If you have a cavity that needs filled, Dr. Gordon is proud to offer you white composite fillings. These fillings are virtually unnoticeable and blend with the rest of your white teeth to give your smile a peaceful and untouched appearance of purity.

Call and book your dental cleaning and checkup with Dr. Gordon at Gordon Dental of Leawood today. He will check for any signs of cavities that you may need filled that can be restored with white composite fillings for your visual pleasure and oral health.

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