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Modern dental implants are one of the very best ways to replace your missing teeth. Yet, many people still consider the procedure to be something that seems scary or too complex to consider. If that sounds like you, here are a few things that you ought to know:

Getting an Implant is Easier Than Having a Tooth Pulled
Does the thought of oral surgery sound a bit intimidating? Most of our patients say that getting an implant is even easier than having a dental extraction. You may not need anything more than a little bit of local anesthetic!

Implants Can Last for the Rest of Your Life
Implants bond with the bone within your jaw. As such, they essentially become a part of your body. We tell our Leawood patients that if they care for their implants properly, they can usually expect the artificial tooth to last for decades to come.

They’re the Closest Thing to Having Real Teeth Again
Each implant design reflects the natural anatomy of a real tooth root. If you’re using one to replace a single tooth, you can bond a crown over it and no one has to know that you’ve ever had a missing tooth in that spot.

You Can Use Them to Secure Your Denture
In some cases we can retrofit your denture so that it clips or snaps over two or four implants for a secure fit all day long. No denture adhesive necessary!

Getting implants in Leawood can be more affordable than you ever thought. They’re a cost-effective investment that pays off for years to come. Contact Gordon Dental of Leawood to see if you’re a candidate.

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