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Did you know…

… a clean, healthy mouth may reduce your risk of heart disease? Some research suggests that when we let plaque and bacteria build up in our mouths, we’re increasing our risk for dangerous inflammation that’s been linked to clogged arteries, stroke, and heart disease.

… clean teeth could mean a healthier baby? Babies born to mommies-to-be that practice good oral hygiene may be less likely to be born prematurely and at dangerously low birth weights.

… proper oral care makes diabetes easier to manage? It’s been shown that people with diabetes who brush and floss regularly may have more stable blood sugar numbers, and are better able to control blood glucose levels when they do fluctuate.

… brushing and flossing regularly can help protect you from brain deterioration? Bacteria in the mouth has the potential to travel through the brain via the blood stream, and some researchers suggest that this could contribute to the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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