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Generally speaking, when any part of your body begins making a noise it never made before, it’s probably a signal that something is wrong. If you’re hearing a clicking noise when you chew, it is most likely a signal that something is the matter with your jaw. The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ is the most often used joint in your body. It is a small hinge and a gliding joint located in the front of your ear. Its moving functions happen in front of your ear.

A TMJ disorder is common if you’ve suffered an injury or have teeth that are misaligned. If you have stress or arthritis it can also be a cause of your disorder. A clicking or popping sound while you are chewing is a common symptom of a TMJ disorder. Other signs or symptoms may include:

Challenging to open your mouth in the morning
Jaw and cheekbone discomfort
Your jaw is opening crooked
Pain and swelling around the TMJ
Locking of your jaw when closed
Pain behind the eyes
Tinnitis (ringing in the ears)
A TMJ disorder can make the simple acts of eating, talking or yawning extremely pain-filled. There are self-care options, medicines, physical therapy and surgical options to help you with your disorder.

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