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Dental implants are convenient, durable replacements for missing teeth. Not only do they look natural, but they stimulate the growth of your jawbone creating a healthy smile that can last a lifetime. However, not everyone is a candidate for implants, and our dentist, Dr. Phillip J. Gordon of Gordon Dental of Leawood is proud to offer All-On-6 dental implants in Leawood, Kansas. If you would like to learn more about this innovation in smile restoration, call (913) 649-5017 to schedule your appointment today!

All-On-6 dental implants are a wonderful alternative for those patients who need to replace an entire arch of teeth, but who may not qualify for traditional implants. Those clients may not want the extra care and cleaning involved with regular dentures, or may not feel comfortable wearing them. You will never have to worry about dentures that slip or float, or removing your dentures to clean them again! Our state-of-the-art All-On-6 implants hold your teeth securely in place. The process of placing your implants is minimally invasive and will restore your smile in a single day!

With All-On-6 implants, we can replace the teeth in your upper or lower jaw, by placing your new teeth on six sturdy implants that will give you a new outlook on life. Not only will All-On-6 implants enhance your appearance, but they will also allow you to speak clearly, and chew your food more effectively. Do you miss your favorite foods? Enjoy them again with All-On-6 implants from our office! We create our implants on site, and we will have you smiling confidently in no time. As part of our commitment to providing outstanding dental care to our patients, Gordon Dental of Leawood will be happy to tell you more about this option for replacing missing teeth in Johnson County.


Advantages of Implant Dentures


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Eat The Foods You Love

Enjoy your favorite foods again without your dentures sticking or slipping. Implant-retained overdentures will stay in place, even when eating chewy or sticky foods that cause problems with conventional dentures that use adhesives.


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Regain Self Confidence

With implant-retained overdentures, you can feel confident to laugh, smile and join in the conversation, without worrying about your dentures slipping since they are anchored in place. Plus, your implant-secured dentures help you retain the contours of your facial muscles for a more youthful appearance.


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No More Adhesives

Throw away those tubes of denture adhesive that are messy, affect the taste of your food and still don’t hold your dentures securely in place. With implant-retained overdentures, you will not need any adhesive to keep your dentures securely in place. Enjoy a talking, eating and laughing again without needing expensive and annoying adhesive to keep your smile from slipping.


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Improve Your Quality Of Life

You deserve a beautiful smile that you can feel confident to show the world. With implant-retained overdentures, you can have that beautiful smile along with all the benefits of natural teeth, including enjoyment of your favorites food, improved speech and an overall improvement of your quality of life.


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Prevent Bone Loss

Without your teeth, you can begin to lose bone in your jaw, causing a deterioration or shrinkage of your jaw structure. This process can even be accelerated with the use of conventional dentures with pressure put on the gums and jaw. With the addition of titanium implants into your jaw bone to secure your overdentures, the living tissue in the jaw adheres to the post, preventing further bone loss while retaining your jaw and facial shape./p>



The Implant Denture Process



Free Consult

The first step in the implant denture process is a free consultation to learn more about the procedure. Your doctor will explain the procedure in detail, answer any questions you have and create a customized treatment plan based on your needs. You receive all the information you need to make a decision, including exact pricing for your new implants and dentures.


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Pre-Implant Appointment

Once you make the decision to proceed with the dental implant procedure, we will schedule your pre-implant appointment. During this visit, we will get everything we need to complete your implant procedure, including models, x-rays, measurements, before-photos and scans. We will collect any data needed so we are ready to go once your implant procedure day arrives.


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Implant Placement Procedure

In one day, we put your implants in place and you will be on your way to your permanent new smile. Once your appointment is over, you will go home with implants and temporary teeth that look great and function until your permanent overdentures can be put in place.



Post Implant Appointments

After your dental implant procedure, your jaw bone will need time to heal and adhere to your new implants. For at least several weeks, most patients need to restrict their diet to soft foods that will not interrupt the healing process. As part of your procedure, we will ask you to come in to our office for several post-operative visits to monitor your healing process. These checkups are all included in the fee for your implants and will not cost you anything extra.



Receive Your Permanent Teeth

Today is the day you have been waiting for. Once your implants have completely healed and are stable, we can install your new overdentures and you will leave our office with your beautiful, permanent smile.


Cost Of Dental Implants

The price of a beautiful new smile with the stability of dental implants may be less than you think. At Gordon Dental, we do our best to keep our dental implant procedure affordable for our patients so they can experience a healthier option for dental restoration than conventional dentures. Our procedure is done completely in-house, saving money for our patients while offering a less stressful experience. During your free consultation, we can go over the exact cost of your dental implant procedure and dentures, and discuss financing options. Our treatment coordinator can help you find the right payment plan or financing option for your budget. It all starts with our free consult, so contact us today to make your appointment.


Why Choose All-On-6?

Giving patients a reason to smile again, All-On-6 Dental Implants bring immediate satisfaction in regards to function, aesthetics, sense, speech, and self-confidence. Thus, it’s easy to see why patients choose All-On-6. Shorter treatment times mean that less time will need to be taken off of work. In turn, even with minimal bone volume, All-On-6 Dental Implants remain stable. While this also shortens treatment time, it helps patients avoid costly procedures such as bone grafting and augmentation.

Aside from improving a patient’s quality of life, shortening treatment times, and lower costs, the all-inclusive approach of All-On-6 allows Gordon Dental of Leawood to make your plan for a better smile a reality.

Are you ready to make a change? Contact us today and let Gordon Dental of Leawood be your trusted practice in Johnson County. Your oral health and comfort will always be at the forefront of all that we do.

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